MARCH 2022



MARCH 2022

We are commoners: craftspace

5 FEBRUARY – 24 APRIL 2022


Our upcoming exhibition from Craftspace is all about the resources that we all share that haven’t been divided up or given monetary value; from a local park to the internet. This Craftspace touring exhibition highlights different “acts of commoning”, featuring both UK and International artists.

Image credit: Lady Kitt

WORTH Series: lady kitt

5 February -26 April


Lady Kitt (They/Them) is a maker, researcher and drag king based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. They describe their work as “mess making as social glue”; an approach driven by an insatiable curiosity about the social functions of stuff that gets called art. They use crafting, performance and research to create objects and events which gently dismantle discriminatory systems.

The WORTH series is a project which celebrates pioneering non-binary people and women. The project is inspired by  Caroline Criado-Perez’s campaign to have more  women represented on Bank of England issue notes. The artist was horrified by the abuse that Criado-Perez received as a result of the campaign.

The handcut paper portraits are made by cutting love heart shapes from genuine Bank of England issue £50.00 notes. Each one depicts a person who the artist wants to celebrate. Some subject are well known, others are not. The portraits give us the opportunity to imagine what society can gain from celebrating a wide variety of people, achievements and stories. These individuals can have profound impacts on our shared cultures and our own place within those and the resilience of these cultures and communities.

New work weekend curated by keira martin

11 & 12 MARCH | FRI & SAT | 7:30pm 

Barnsley born dance maker Kiera Martin has created a weekend of dance exclusively for The Civic. It spotlights work which is a wonderful blend of emotion and humour.

Artists include…

Keira Martin – Good Blood  

Phoebe Ophelia – Finding Folk

Caitlin Barnett – Comrades in the Dark

Untold Dance – Wise Women


16 MARCH | 2pm & 8pm

Sam is a dinosaur loving 8 year-old whose world changes after his parents separate. He meets Alex, a deaf girl with a vivid imagination and the two adventure to meet Stan, the T-rex at Manchester Museum.

Stan is performed in English and British Sign Language, embedding creative captions and animated dinosaurs within the set.

Black t-shirt with the words Gender Roles are Dead printed on the front
OBJECT NUMBER MOT000012 Gender Roles are Dead T-shirt by @thefoxfisher Photo by Katy Davies, Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion.

The Museum of Transology


The Museum of Transology (MoT) is the UK’s most significant collection of material culture surrounding trans, non-binary and intersex lives. Participants have complete freedom to choose the object they wish to donate to represent their gender experiences. Each object has a brown tag attached to it with a hand-written message explaining its significance.

The collection halts the erasure of trans lives from history, tackles the misrepresentation of trans people in the political sphere, and combats the spectacularization of trans bodies and experiences by the mainstream media.

Andro & Eve: A Reyt Queer Do 

saturday 26 March 2022

Join Andro & Eve, one of the UK’s leading queer cabaret organisers, for an evening of laughter, sparkle, and joy at The Civic. A Reyt Queer Do is a cabaret event showcasing some of the most exciting LGBTQIA+ artists and performers around.

Prepare to be wowed by Drag Kings, DJ’s, Poets, Musicians and more for a queer, glittery party like no other!

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