MAY 2022



MAY 2022

Diana Terry: LANDMARKS 

28 MAY – 26 JUNE 2022 (Gallery)

Land Marks is a new exhibition from artist Diana Terry. The project is inspired by the local quarries and mines in West Yorkshire, drawing on stories of when these sites were part of primary industry created during the industrial revolution. She compares the physical scars on the natural landscape with their current rewilded state. It is this rewilding of quarries that fascinates Terry as she is keen to stimulate conversations on belonging, leading to a greater understanding of who we are and contributing to climate change debate; as some of these rewilded areas are once again under threat from further development.

Following two years of research, production and collaboration using painting, printmaking and sculpture, Terry has created a body of work demonstrating how returning to craft and physical making can inform our understanding of place. Terry is keen to engage with people from the local area and specifically her fellow deaf community. BSL and other interpretations will be available during the exhibition.


6 MAY 2022

A fashion show on the fracture between feminism and fabric. A catwalk which takes you from Haute Couture to bargain bin. Five diverse performers take to the stage on a catwalk like no other; garments flow, stilettos break and hair is pulled! Jazzy moves and heartfelt stories are delivered with a heart-throbbing energy filling the room.


Seeing music, hearing colour

7 MAY – 4 JUNE 2022 (Panorama)

Seeing Music, Hearing Colour is a new interactive multimedia exhibition from Barnsley based composer Helen Madden and artist Chiomah Akanwa Dey.

The exhibition explores the experience of musicians / artists with a certain type of  synaesthesia called Chromesthesia (when one sense comes through as another and quite often a person will hear music as colour and vice versa)  alongside non synaesthetes, who may associate a certain colour or texture with a particular sound or pitch.

The exhibition will follow the journey of an initial artwork transformed into a piece of music by Helen Madden. Workshops with Barnsley based community groups then follow, with participants creating art in response to music, and composing their own music to interpret their art.

BRING YOUR HEADPHONES!  Each art work will be displayed with a QR code enabling you to hear recordings of all compositions and musical responses whilst observing the corresponding artwork.

If you would like to hear the music  performed live there will be an exhibition opening event on Sunday May 8th.  There will be live musical performances of all art work and chance to chat to the composer, artists and musicians.

Frozen light 2065

17 & 18 MAY 2022

It’s 2065 and we are caught under an oppressive regime made up of powerful corporations. We follow a group of rebels who believe things can change for the better.

2065 is a futuristic sensory extravaganza for all audiences and particularly those with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Frozen Light are specialists in making sensory theatre for adult audiences with PMLD.

This will be a Relaxed Performance, which you can read more about here.

Photo: Richard Jarmy