The Museum of Transology

The Museum of Transology (MoT)

The Museum of Transology (MoT) is the UK’s most significant collection of material culture surrounding trans, non-binary and intersex lives. Participants have complete freedom to choose the object they wish to donate to represent their gender experiences. Each object has a brown tag attached to it with a hand-written message explaining its significance.

The collection halts the erasure of trans lives from history, tackles the misrepresentation of trans people in the political sphere, and combats the spectacularization of trans bodies and experiences by the mainstream media.

The Museum of Transology is a collection about the trans community, by the trans community. It’s open-source, with all workshops, objects, logos, photography, collections documentation, and exhibition interpretation – including the community-built exhibition set – free to borrow or use, so that trans groups anywhere in the world can start their own MoT collection.

This on-line exhibition has been exclusively curated for The Civic’s No Boundaries programme by the museums founder E-J Scott.

Black t-shirt with the words Gender Roles are Dead printed on the front
OBJECT NUMBER MOT000012 Gender Roles are Dead T-shirt by @thefoxfisher Photo by Katy Davies, Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion.

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