The No Boundaries zine is a collection of articles, interviews and images that gives context and colour to this season of work.

We have printed a very limited run of these zines, but we are keen for as many people as possible to read and learn more about the artists that make No Boundaries what it is.

Below we begin with a selection of articles taken directly from the publication. These blogs are slightly extended or alternative to the actual articles that appear in the printed zine. 

Following the blogs is a selection of audio and visual content created by Jonathan Leitch a drummer, sound designer and engineer, aerialist and circus artist, who, amongst many other things has worked with Diverse City, Cirque Bijou and Extraordinary Bodies as a performer and sound designer.

This year, Jonathan has been working on the sound design for new show Human, coming to The Civic 8 & 9 October. He is exploring how audio can be included to create a more immersive experience, particularly for those with visual impairments. He uses a Hybrid Drum kit to add Foley samples, audio commentary, backing tracks and other audio elements to theatre soundscapes.

Jonathan Leitch
Jonathan Leitch

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An interview with Matty from Cross The Sky

Cross the Sky are a Barnsley based theatre company for adults in South Yorkshire with Autism and learning disabilities. The company has been a permanent feature of Barnsley’s disability arts landscape for over fifteen years. Now an integrated part of...

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Wonderfully Wired

Vicky Morris is an award-winning poet and creative practitioner based in Sheffield. She also had a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (then diagnosed Asperger’s) and ADHD in her early 40s. She’s the founder of Hive, a creative writing hub...

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An interview with Fat Life Drawing

The multiple lockdowns that have happened since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spring 2020 have seen new artistic endeavours flower in virtual spaces around the world. Despite the often painful experiences that many have suffered since Covid hit,...

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Pete Selwood X LimbBo

Jane Hewitt trustee of LimbBo Foundation in conversation with stand-up comedian Peter Selwood. Jane Hewitt is the grandmother of Tommy, a little boy who was born with Limb Difference. She is also the trustee of the charity LimbBo Foundation, who...

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Frozen Light Theatre

Frozen Light are one of the UK’s leading theatre companies specialising in work produces for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities. In Feb 2021, Co-Artistic Director Lucy Garland spoke to Jason White at The Civic to find out more...

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BOLDLY GO with Caroline Cardus

Spring 2021 saw visual artist Caroline Cardus become our latest artist in residence, collaborating with Barnsley’s disabled community to create The Barnsley 15 a public art project now installed in Mandela Gardens. This was a continuation of The Way Ahead...

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Toy Like Me

As The Civic, Barnsley hosts Toy Box Tales, celebrating disability representation in toys, its creator Rebecca Atkinson shares the story behind the images and how they helped to change the global toy industry for millions of children. In 2015, I...

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Please use headphones – Jonathan Leitch

A collection of 3 sound pieces which starts off exploring the poignant moment of nothingness after we found out we were going into lockdown on 23rd March 2020, giving us space to reflect on everything that has happened since Boris Johnson asked us to stay at Home. The second piece recreates the robotic clanging sounds of a terrifying iron monster for the Graeae Theatre Company Iron Man Library Tour. The third piece accompanies a scene from The Shouting Mute’s theatre show ‘Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate’, in which the main character starts to question his life and his reality around him.  The three pieces come together to create a provoking and experiential soundscape.

Grandma’s Got Hugs- Jonathan Leitch

This sounds design piece explores the intimate details and humanity of a single moment; the warmth of a hug from a loved one. Rough piano provokes strong emotions and the feeling of peace that comes from being in a safe moment or space.

What Am I Worth Show Trailer – Extraordinary Bodies

A trailer for the live 2018 circus show What Am I Worth? in which Jonathan performs aerially as well as on drums alongside other artists.  In a world where there is not enough to go around, survival hangs in the balance and people are made to prove their worth. Against all odds, they dance, fly and sing on a tipping and spinning stage where the ground becomes the sky and the floor becomes the ceiling. A circus show with original live music and ground-breaking physicality.

What Do You See In Me? (Audio Described & BSL Interpreted) -Extraordinary Bodies

What Do You See In Me? Was filmed in artists’ homes during lockdown in March and April 2020. It features an original score by Ted Barnes, was written by Hattie Naylor and created by Extraordinary Bodies.